Jaguar XJ220

Title		Jaguar XJ220
Game Type	Driving
Publisher	Core
Players		1 or 2
HD Installable	Patch available
Compatibility	All
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This is a classic racing game that has to be considered to be one of the
best in its genre. It very similar to the Lotus games, and many comparisons
can be made between the two. Many will argue as to which is the better game,
but I have to say that I like Jaguar XJ220 a little better.

   Everything that you would want in a racing game is in this game. Options
include 1 or 2 player split screen mode, automatic or standard stick shifting,
music or sound effects, variable weather conditions and the option to create
your own tracks.

   The object of the game is to win the races and make as much money as
possible so you can always keep your car in top condition. You start in
England and race 3 different courses before you can select another country to
race in. The better position you finish in, the more money you make and you
will need lots because it cost money just to race in another country. The
courses are very well designed with road hazards and variable weather
conditions that hinder your driving. The artificial intelligence of the
computer cars is excellent. They try to stop you from passing them but they
don't over do it, and seem more concerned about finishing the race. This is
one feature that I like better than lotus. I thought the cars in lotus put too
much emphasis on trying to crash into you. Another feature I like in the game
is that when you crash, you don't come to a sudden stop. The car slows down
and will suffer damage. You have to make sure that you keep repairing your car
or its performance will deteriorate. Your car will suffer wear and tear by just
driving it, so you have to finish the race in a good position to be able to
keep up with repairs.

   The graphics and sound in the game are very good. I especially like the Fog
effects. Other effects include rain, snow, wind, blowing leaves, and other
road hazards. The playability and lastability of the game is also excellent,
especially since you can make your own tracks. I think the car handles better
in this game than in the Lotus games, it's just a matter of preference. You
can make many comparisons between these two games and you can't go wrong with
either one. I happen to think that Jaguar is the better game.

 In conclusion, I have to say that this is one of the best arcade racing game
that I have played on the amiga. It's all arcade action and not a simulation.
The game is fun to play and with unlimited track potential the game should
last you a lifetime. Being able to save your progress so you don't always have
to start at the beginning of the game again is just the icing on the cake for
this great game. Jaguar or Lotus? you can't go wrong with either one, but I
give the edge to Jaguar XJ220.

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