Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker

Title           Jimmy White's Whirlwind Snooker
Publisher       Virgin (1991)
Game Type       Sport
Players         1-2
HD Installable  HD-patch: from Bert Jahn's WHDLoad page
Compatibility   non-AGA Amigas [fixed by HD-patch]
Submission      Dennis Smith Profiled Reviewer

Archer Maclean was one of the best loved coders from the 8-bit computers,
all of his games being highly acclaimed, especially DropZone and
International Karate. When he released 'Snooker' for the Amiga he excelled
himself, producing an unparalleled simulation of the sport that can stand
up proud with the best billiard sims on any platform, even now.

The game is a near-perfect simulation - the only things missing are the nap
of the cloth and a more realistically calculated swerve option (though you
won't need this most of the time). In fact, unless you're pretty familiar
with the game already you won't notice such things. Almost all of the rules
are dealt with properly (more than any of the old 2D snooker games) and in
fact the only obvious failing point is a slightly dodgy free-ball rule. The
computer opponents play a very respectable game, though they can be
preternaturally accurate off cushions, meaning that safety play against the
better players is unfortunately futile for the most part. It takes a little
while to get used to the controls, both for aiming and choosing an
appropriate camera view to follow your shot from, but you quickly learn
your way around. Having to chalk your cue, likewise, is annoying at first
(when you miscue, that is), but once you've played a few games you'll find
yourself grinding chalk with the pros.

So the game is near-perfect. Why shouldn't you get it? Well the biggest
problem with the game is that it is so like the real thing. If you don't
like snooker and the thought of playing it sends you to sleep, then
you won't find the game to your liking. If on the other hand you love
snooker, then this is one game you really shouldn't go without.

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