James Pond 2 Robocod

Title		James Pond 2 Robocod
Game Type	Platform
Players		1
Compatibility	All
Submission	Andy Thomas (andy@adamantium.demon.co.uk)

 Having played the demo of the first game, I really wasn't sure if the
sequel was going to be of interest to me.  However, when it got the AGA
treatment and became cheap, and having seen it being played at the local
computer club, I decided to give it a bash.
 I'm not a big platform fanatic but from what I know of the genre, this
guy would give Mario a good run for his money.  Certainly this was a very
beautiful game, beyond what the consoles of the day seemed to be doing.
Chalk that up to the AGA chipset. But beyond that, the extendy body of Mr
Pond was novel, and he even had vehicles that he could drive.
 The cyborg nature of this incarnation of Mr Pond was quite amusing.
It allowed him to do a very good impression of Reed Richards out of
the Fantastic Four - you remember, the elastic bloke.  Thusly Mr Pond
could reach up to grab ledges other aquatic agents just couldn't get
to.  He also did a good impression of VINCENT and BOB out of the
Black Hole, by tucking his head down into his metallic body and
shielding himself from harm.  Along with other power ups this made
for platform gameplay beyond the simple jumping and climbing ladders
 I think this was also one of the first games to be linked in to a
brandname, in this case a certain chocolate bar linked to birds from a
cold climate.  Zool was the next example I came across.  I didn't complete
Robocod, but it was one of those games you came back to from time to time
when you just fancied bouncing around pretty screens for pure relaxation
value, and I'm sure that for platform addicts it was great.

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