Into the Eagle's Nest

Title           Into the Eagle's Nest
Game Type       Shoot-em-Up
Publisher       Pandora, 1987
Players         1
Compatibility   All (with Patch)
HD Installable  Yes (with patch)
Submission      Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

Into the Eagle's Nest is a top-down action game, much like the old arcade
classic, Gauntlet. As you may have guessed from the title however, Eagle's
Nest is a World War II based game, and concerns the heroic deeds of an
Allied Commando, (the player) fighting hordes of German Stormtroopers. The
graphics are bold and colourful, and the characters themselves are much
larger than those in similar games like the Gauntlet and Garrison series,
or indeed those from Alien Breed.

Using the joystick you guide your character through the maze of corridors
in the castle, finding various useful objects like ammunition, keys,
health, elevator passes, etc. You will frequently see a long line of
Germans lined up in an adjacent corridor, just waiting for you to unlock a
connecting door, which will allow them to attack you. By using your wits,
and keeping your eyes open (as well as making judicious use of your sub
machine gun) you can access the various parts of the castle, carefully
nurturing your health and ammunition levels.

Unfortunately though, the game, which promises to be a fun and action
filled romp, fails to deliver and will probably be abandoned after only a
few minutes of play. The problem is one of tedium. Its just dull. Very
little skill is required to massacre huge numbers of the enemy soldiers,
and simply standing your ground and holding the fire button is usually
sufficient to pack droves of them off to the great Reich in the sky. The
sound is very limited, and the scrolling is somehow reminiscent of an
early Psygnosis game; highly dodgy, and apparently not making efficient
use of the Amiga's purpose built hardware.

I may have missed some source of appeal within the game, but I don't see
what. Its just so lacking in inspiration. In short, avoid the game -
unless you feel you simply have to witness it for yourself.

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