Title		Ishido
Game Type	Puzzle
Players		1 or more
Company		Accolade
Compatibility	All
HD Installable	Yes
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This game is a puzzle/thinking game where you have to place colored
stones next to other colored stones that have either the same color or
shape. The game is played on a board and starts off with a different stone
on each corner. You have about 30 stones that you must get rid of to win
the game. It sounds easy and it is at first, but you will soon see why much
thought is involved in where you place the stones. If you place a stone
that is touching two other stones your stone must have an attribute of
both stones, It could be either the same color or have the same shape but
it must have one of them. If you place your stone next to 3 stones that
are touching then your stone must have an attribute of all three. You soon
realise that there is a lot of thought involved in where to place the
stones. The more stones that your stone touches, the more points you earn
for that stone.

   The graphics are basic but adequate for this type of game and the sound
is basic also but it's the gameplay that really makes this game stand out.
The game is excellent to play and will really make you think about where to
move your stone. The game plays different every time because your stones
will always be in a different order. You get addicted to the game right

   In conclusion, this is one of the better puzzle/thinking games that I
have come across. I was addicted instantly. There is just something about
the game. You can blame no one but yourself for not doing well and vice
versa. This game is a must for all people who like to tax their brain. I
highly recommend it.

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