Insanity Fight

Title           Insanity Fight
Game Type       Shoot-`em-Up
Publisher       Microdeal (1987)
Players         1
Compatibility   OCS
HD Installable  No
Submission      Tom Waddington (

This is, without any shadow of a doubt, the worst shoot-`em-up I've ever
played. It was originally released in 1987, but age is no excuse for the
utterly awful game design.

For starters, there are dozens of platforms apparently floating in space
that you fly over. Some bits of these platforms cannot be flown over, but
there is no way to tell which is which without shooting at them to see
which bits explode. That wouldn't be a problem except your rate of fire is
too slow to do the job properly. Even when you know what to avoid there
are so many of them and your ship is so slow that they are near impossible
to steer clear of.

The aliens come at you in tediously predictable chains which would be easy
to destroy were it not for the slow rate of fire, the fact that they all
take three or four shots to kill and the way your ship seems to be flying
through treacle.

Every so often an enormous battleship comes flying down the screen,
destroyng you outright if you get hit. You move so slowly that it is
virtually impossible to get out of the way in time, and usually, even if
you manage it, you then plough into one of the hidden platforms.

Add to all that the terrible graphics (the demonstration games that came
with the first version of AMOS look many times more impressive than this),
almost non-existent sound and huge gaps when waiting for the game to start
again after you die, and you have one of the worst games ever released, on
any platform. I didn't even persevere long enough to see the end of level

It's crap and the programmers badly need shooting. And their families.

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