Title		Infestation
Game Type       3D Action
Company		Psygnosis
Players		1
HD Installable	No
Compatibility   ECS (1200 with cache off)

This one was done by Psygnosis, if I remember correctly, and used to be
one of my favourite games.

Game Plot
A scientific colony (one of many on various moons) has suddenly gone
offline, all communications with the colony have failed.

A small Military Task Force which was sent to the colony has disappeared
without trace. The last signal received from the task force was very faint
and garbled but suggests an Alien force may be present and that the
automatic defence systems are online but could be used against you

Your Task Destroy the Alien Invaders (easy huh ?)

The Game
The Game starts with a well drawn animation of a man in a Space suit (YOU)
Flying in from Space, across the Moon surface and ending in a perfect

Gameplay uses the Helmet view, displaying Oxygen, Radar, Power and a few
other necessary details, You can see the drop Ship circling above you
and are amazed by the very convincing graphics.

On a time limit (Oxygen) You can fly, run or walk over the Moon surface
Blasting all in sight (sounds easy but them bugs aint dumb) while
trying to find a terminal which will give you Transporter access to the
lower levels. Meanwhile the Drop Ship is dropping supplies which also have
to be collected as they are necessary to the mission.

Having found your way to the underground levels the Game changes to
a Doom clone, Whilst walking through corridors, Climbing through ventilation
ducts and killing strange bugs, your job is to find the Alien eggs and destroy
them by laying Cyanide gas bombs. (dont forget to close the helmet)

Level maps are available at the many computer terminals.

Your Aim :      Find and destroy the Queen and her eggs

And then ? :  TOP SECRET Find the game if you can, buy it
                       and find out for yourselves.

Infestation is a very addictive and intense game
which I can highly reccomend.

There are no textured graphics but this game will run smoothly
on an A500 and looks very good indeed.

                        Play and Enjoy it

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