Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Title           Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Game Type       Adventure
Company         LucasFilm
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   All Amigas
HD Installable  Yes
Submission      Alkis Polyrakis Profiled Reviewer

After the success of their first two adventure games, Maniac Mansion and
Zak Mackracken, LucasFilms decided to take advantage of one of their most
popular heroes: Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones and the last Crusade was the
last game produced under the name of LucasFilms, since a few months later
their computer games department became an independent company: The
famous LucasArts. Although this game had the potential to become a real
masterpiece (based on a best selling movie, and its use of an engine that
was already loved by the gamers) it ended up as merely a good game, for
reasons explained in this review.

The story of the game is practically identical to the one of the movie.
This method has two disadvantages: Those who haven't seen the movie will
have trouble following the story, as the lack of important information is
annoying in some parts. As for those who have seen it.. well, an adventure
is not fun if you already know what will happen. Indiana Jones is an
archaeologist. More than that, he's a man of action (and if you're
thinking of Laura Croft, you need professional help). Indy's quest is to
find the Holy Grail, the cup Jesus Christ is said to have used at the Last
Supper. (To drink from the cup is to have eternal youth.) The Holy Grail
reminds us of the Ark of the Covenant in the first film, and in both cases
Nazi villains join the chase.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade uses the same SCUMM (Script Creation
Utility for Maniac Mansion) engine that was used in their two first
adventure games. As usual, you can see a list of the available commands
and the inventory items at the bottom of the screen. Interaction with the
game takes place by clicking on a command and then on an item, either in
your inventory or in the game screen (open door, use key on door). Big
changes: You now control only one character instead of three, Indy, and
the number of positions used for saving your game is more than adequate.
You can also use keyboard shortcuts instead on clicking on the commands,
which is very helpful.

Graphics & sound
Even today, one can appreciate the graphics of this game. Some of the
hand-drawn images are breathtaking. The animations are also excellent,
except for the arcade sequences, which could have used some more frames.
The sound effects are plentiful and well done, too. As for the music..
well, I was surprised to find out that most of the scores used in the Last
Crusade movie, which gave Williams an Oscar nomination, are not used in
the game. Maybe it was a copyright issue, I wouldn't know about that. The
music in the game is still good, although somehow out of place in some

The good thing about the game's puzzles is that many of them have multiple
solutions. On a few occasions, you will be able to take a different path
than the one in the movie. Most of them are logical, while others are
based on trial and error. Some people will tell you that this game sucks
because it is full of arcade sequences. Well, that's not exactly accurate.
I mean they are there, but there is a way of avoiding almost every single
one. The problem is, you rarely have to do anything smart in order to
avoid fighting; most of the times it's just a case of choosing the right
phrase in the dialogue tree.. and since you have no idea what your
opponent will like or dislike, you save and restore too many times. When I
bought this game, I had neither a hard disk nor a second disk drive..
which made the whole situation extremely frustrating. The game has also
several mazes which will confuse inexperienced players. Near the end,
Indy will have to enter a temple full of booby traps. Even if you have
seen the film, in which case you will know what to do, you will often have
no clue as to how to do it! And the worse thing is, you cannot save the
game in the temple! It took me several hours to get past the first and
last trap.. not fun, dear LucasFilms, not fun.

Well I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who hasn't got a hard disk.. but
since most people do nowadays, you might as well give it a try. Although I
do believe it's the worst LucasFilms/Arts Amiga adventure game, it is not
a bad game at all.

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