Indianna Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis (Second Review)

Title           Indianna Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis (Second Review)
Game Type       Adventure
Company         LucasArts
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   OCS, ECS, AGA, 1 MB required
Submission      Emmanuel Henne 

The man with the hat is back, but this time, without his dad !

The year is 1939.
Hitler rules Germany and the world holds
its breath, waiting for the things to come.

As in "Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade", the nazis are still
looking for mythological weapons all over the world, and this
time, they seem to be very interested in "The Fate Of Atlantis" !
The legend says that the Atlanteans had the wisdom and possibility
to develop a source of energy so powerful that it could
propel all kind of vehicles and machines, so powerful that it
even could be used to make...BOMBS.

Of course, bombs are just what would come in handy for the Nazis,
and so Hitler sends forth his agents to dicover an entrance to the
legendary city of Atlantis, and if they can find it, the Germans
could rule the WORLD !

There`s only one person to stop them, by finding Atlantis earlier:
                           Indiana Jones !

And he`s got to be damn fast...!

"The Fate of Atlantis" was one of the biggest successes for LucasArts,
and the ingredients show why:

The plot was written by real Hollywood screenwriters, so that it even could
be used to base a movie on it !
The graphics (originally in 256 colours) were of great detail and atmosphere,
introducing dynamic lighting for some scenes, never seen before!
The soundtrack used the proprietary iMUSE-Soundsystem, to provide
interactive, continued sound and music.
The handling was traditional LucasArts style: verbs, icons, easy and
intuitive point`n`click.
The puzzles were highly challenging, logical and original, very well
embedded into the plot and even offering three (!) completely different
ways of playing the game: the Action way (loads of fights), the
Puzzle way (using the brains instead of the fists) and finally
the Team way, where Indy could co-operate with Sophia Hapgood, a very
"charming" archeologist.

The Amiga version did suffer from the conversion. The graphics
were only in 32 colours, so the beautiful shading of the
PC-version wasn't visible, but the artwork is still excellent !
The sound had been converted rather poorly, not taking any benefit of
the Amiga`s sound capabilities.
Plus the game came on 11 (!) disks, a harddisk would be recommended.
But all this is pure make-up, the real stuff is the gameplay and the
fun you get out of this game, and it is by far more than those
11 disks would make you think !

There are dozens of conversations between the characters, and believe
me: Sophia Hapgood IS a challenge for Indy`s nerves.
The gameplay is very sophisticated, there are no dead-ends,
You`ll find replacements for lost items and the puzzles are
sometimes "real life problems", like repairing a car or
steering a...submarine ?

At the end of the day, this classic really marks the top of LucasArts
"traditional" adventures, being the best in size, artwork and
entertainment, and offering weeks, if not MONTHS of pure fun.

The old slogan is still true:

If Adventure has a must be "Indiana Jones" !

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