Indoor Sports

Title           Indoor Sports
Publisher       Mindscape
Game Type       Sport
Players         1-4
HD Installable  No
Compatibility   OCS
Submission      Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   In this game you have the option of playing 1 of 4 sport games. The
games include, Bowling, Darts, Air Hockey, or Ping Pong. You can play any
game against a friend or the computer. All the games are decent and having
all 4 on the same disk is a nice bonus.

   The game is played with a joystick but for some reason the joystick
must be plugged into the mouse port. I have no idea why the programmers
opted for this but I don't like that they did it. This is the only game
that I have ever played that needed the joystick in the mouse port. This
was a poor decision if you ask me. That bad point aside, the games are
actually quite good. You have the option of setting the difficulty for the
computer opponents but playing against a human opponent is always better.

   The graphics and sounds are decent and the games play very well. There
are options to set up the number of matches to play along with the
difficulty of opponents. You can also save the results to disk.

   In conclusion, This is a nice game to own. I don't think that I would
have bought any of these games seperately but you get all 4 on this disk.
All the games are good and should last a while before you start to get
bored of playing. This game is just about impossible to find an original
copy of but if your lucky enough to find it, buy it. It's not an essential
purchase but it's definitely worth having even if just for the Air hockey
game alone. Maybe one day Mindscape can do us all a favor and release this
into the public domain.

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