Impossible Mission 2025

Title		Impossible Mission 2025
Game Type	Platform
Company		Microprose
Players		1
HD Installable	Yes
Compatibility	All
Submission	Courtesy of Sean Caszatt

Elvin Atombender is back!  The evil S.O.B. that tormented gamer's minds
and reflexes in the eighties has returned in a new game that combines
elements of the first two (Impossible Mission I and II) while adding some
new twists of its own.

You are given the task of getting through 15 levels to stop Elvin's latest
plot to destroy the world.  You can choose one of three different
characters to attempt this mission: RAM, a robot; Tasha, a gymnast; or
Felix Fly, a soldier.

Each level is full of obstacles, platforms, power-ups, sub-games and
killer robots.  The object is to find puzzle pieces (in the form of
circuit boards), assemble them in the correct manner and then move to the
next level.  To make things more difficult, you have to beat a running

If you're familiar with the original IMPOSSIBLE MISSION game, then you'll
have a fairly good idea of what's expected of you.  If you're not, that's
OK, because Microprose has generously decided to port the original game to
the Amiga and include it in the package.  You're actually getting two
games for the price of one.

The CD≥≤ version of the game includes some nifty intro animations, but
basically is not much different than either Amiga version.  The AGA
version looks nicer than the ECS version, but plays the same.  (The
original Impossible Mission looks the same on all three versions, but bogs
down on the CD≥≤ when more than a few robots are onscreen.)

The graphics on all three versions of the new game are nice and rather
atmospheric.  The rotoscoped animations that depict your character's
movements are well done.  (They're not quite as good as those in OUT OF
THIS WORLD (Another World) or FLASHBACK, but they're good nonetheless.)

Actually, of the two games, I prefer the older version of the game.  Aside
from the "poor by today's standard" graphics, the gameplay holds up pretty
well for a game that's over ten years old.  The new version's flashier,
but I like the older one better.  That's not to say the newer game isn't
any good, it just looks a little bloated next to the lean and mean

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