Title           Hunter
Game Type       3D Combat Sim
Publisher       Activision
Author		Paul Holmes
Players         1
Compatibility   Not AGA but AGA/HD-patch: from Bert Jahn's WHDLoad page
HD Installable  No
Submission      Alec Stevens

Well, the time had to come.  The new machines were out on the market and a
puny little A500+ wasn't enough for my megalomanic I purchaced
an A1200.  What a fool I was!  My favourite game, "Hunter" always seemed to
crash within the first 10 seconds of playing it (sob!).  I can't belive I
parted with 400 pounds for this...

Well, I ended up buying a (dirty word...) PC in the end anyway.  But I
still remember my Amiga (and still use it too) for my 2 favourite games in
the whole wide world, "Frontier: Elite II" and the above mentioned. Sniff.

But I'm here to talk about Hunter, THE greatest game in the whole wide
world, so here we go...

You are placed in a war between the North and South of a country and you
always take the side of the South, actually it's more like a community of
small islands than a country.  Lots of people described it as being similar
to 'Midwinter' but there was actually a man you controlled who you could
see.  You are placed in this vast 3D environment having to take on three
different 'games'.  There was: Adventure, Missions and Action (I think).

Adventure was the...well...adventure game and consisted of you wandering
around the landscape talking to people and picking up objects in order to
find the General of the enemy (who was at a secret location), killing him
and taking his head back to Headquarters, hehehehehe! (sorry) On arival,
if the mission was completed in the required time, you were promoted and
awarded a Grade 8 medal!

Missions, consisted of completing various assignments around the landscape
such as killing, destroying and running over rabbits.  In turn you were
promoted and awarded the medals Grade 1 to 6!

And finally, Action was one whole mission where you ran (sorry, walked)
around completing various missions, once completed you were awarded a
Grade 7 medal and promoted!

The game ended when you were promoted to Colonel and all the missions were
used up.

The best thing about the game was the feedom it gave you, not as much a
"Frontier" gives you, but you could bribe people and get (nearly) an
independent answer all the time!  You could don an enemy Jacket and pretend
to be one of them, slaughter innocent washing machines and chairs (those
civilians don't seem to mind one bit!).

There was a huge range of vehicles such as, cars, trucks, 2 types of tank,
2 types of helicopter, hovercraft, bicycle, rowing boat, etc.  Your weapons
consisted of a pistol, bazoka, grenade, 3 SAM missles, mines, timed
explosives and some other stuff.

There was strange things to be discovered as well.  On the Action or
Missions options, there was an island to the left of the map which was
occupied by 2 enemy soliders and a 'Sun Goddess'!!! If you talked to her
she repiled with some flirty message, give her food and she teases you with
sexual favours in the crypt!  On the same game option, I discovered that
when you die, when the screen goes red, if you fired radar and flares in
the air you occupy the nearest moving object, if its an occupied tank, you
posses the body of the tank driver...if you get out, you are him! Enemy
uniform and everything! You even got to possess birds and rabbits!  This was
no bug though,  if you went to the crypt and talked to the grim reaper
inside, he usually said nothing, but on this occasion he gives you the X Y
co-ordinates for your grave! Go there and if you walked up to it (RIP
tombstone) in the message window at the bottom a message appears..."You
have repressed your sins." Spooky.

All in all a fantastic game, I did read once in Amiga Power's top 100 games
(this was a long time ago) a sequel was mentioned yet it was never meant to
be. I think I'm going to cry now.

Still the comrade answering the call of nature somewhere SW in 'Adventure'
mission raised a chuckle...

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