Title           Heroquest
Game Type       Adventure
Players         1-4
HD Installable  With WHDLoad patch
Compatibility   A500 (WHDLoad patch available for AGA)
Submission      Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

Heroquest is an Adventure game that is played from a third person
perspective where you view the action (if you can call it that) from a
"nearby tree" type viewpoint. Heroquest is very, very accessible. I used
to be involved in Dungeons and Dragons, where several of us would gather
round a table, with a Dungeon Master, who had designed the dungeon and
acted as referee and game director.Armed only with some scraps of
paper and our imaginations, the rest of us would plunder the dungeon of
it's treasure, increase our experience, or (more often than not) die
trying. What's this got to do with Heroquest, you may ask. Well, quite a
lot actually, because the games are very similar in concept, it's just
that Heroquest takes the place of the Dungeon Master, it relieves your
imagination of a lot of the work and actually manages to do this rather
attractively. You can choose one of four character types, Warrior, Dwarf,
Elf or Wizard, and work independently or as a team. You "throw a dice"
before each move, and have the option of ransacking your current location
for treasure, traps or potions. The are some tastily drawn introductory
graphics, and the soundtrack is really very pleasant, although as always
it may irritate you eventually. Coming back to the game after some years,
I'm happy to see that the high presentation I remember has not paled, and
the game still strikes me as being the work of a very creative team. Okay,
you are not going to find a huge amount of depth here, and the challenge
is not likely to leave you gasping, but, if you had a couple of friends
over for the night, with nothing particuarly planned, I think this game
could prove quite a success. Without meaning to sound sexist, it seems to
have something about it that woukd even appeal to girls that wouldn't
normally consider playing a computer game. I may be deluding myself here.
Anyway, as you can tell this game has a soft spot with me and I'd
recommend it.

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