Goblins III

Title           Goblins III
Company         Cocktail Vision
Game Type       Adventure
Players         1
HD Installable  By hand, but not all systems
Compatibility   No problems known
Submission      top_cat@post8.tele.dk (Jens Vang Petersen)

This adventure is the third in the Goblins series, this time a princess
has been kidnapped, and it's your job to rescue her (by the way, you're
deeply in love with her too). All of the Goblins games has a dislike of
all logic rules, so this starts on a flying ship, yep a sailing-ship
among the skys. So the first thing to do is to free your future helper
(a parrot) and get down, well there's a parachute, but when you try and
grab it a falling stone (from where ??) knocks it down. To illustrate
the sense of humour in this great game; you have a box with things on
this ship, so you put your hand down to find something, first you get
some pepper, then a plunger and finaly a mouse-trap that snaps on your
hand (ouch). You also find a golf-club and a ball (placed on a tee) on
the ship, if you hit the ball with the club you get it back in your
face.. The sound-effects are amongst the best I've ever heard on ANY
game, they are wild, crazy and should be played LOUD. Among other funny
stuff you'll find on your way is a hand (!), a shield, a magic sword,
a dragon with memory-loss, a mini-king and a giant woman. You get to
mix 'drinks' in a lab, and one of the drinks makes you grow wings so
you can fly around..
A game of this type will proberly turn some people away, but if you
like adventure-games, and have a wild sense of humour (Hot-Shots-type)
then this is a must, just like the first two in the series..

 Several exotic HD-installers can be found..

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