Title		Goal!
Game Type	Sport
Players         1 or 2
Compatibility	requires  mb upgrade on the A500
Website      	http://imv.au.dk/~jfh/goal.htm (requires flash plug-in)
Submission	jfh@imv.au.dk

"Game play does not require 600 MB of data.  You can do a really great
game in less than 10 MB(.)" Dino Dini.

"Goal!" Was released in 1993 and is the last soccer game (so far) from the
brilliant mind of Dino Dini, the creator of such excellent soccer games as
Kick-Off I & II, Return to Europe and Player Manager.

The strength of "Goal!" against it's predecessors (as well as most soccer
games on the market even today) is the intuitive ball handling, the cool
running patterns, the fast graphics and a wide variety of possibilities
with or without possession of the ball. And all it requires to do your
scissor kicks, dribbling, long or short passes, headers, tackles etc. is
a joystick with one button ("Arcade tm" joystick preferred). Beat that,

Graphically "Goal!" has been surpassed many times since, if we're talking
about "nice" graphics. But when it comes down to playability, no soccer
game has since surpassed it in "speed", "playability" or
"intuitiveness", and that's what counts in a two-player game in my humble
opinion. The arena (or pitch) is seen from two possible angles: The God
perspective, or vertical perspective. My favourite, and the most enjoyable
game-play wise, is the God perspective, since it allows you to view your
players from a much more favourable angle when it comes to ball handling,
defence and offence. You don't get to see the entire pitch at once, but
have the opportunity to use a "radar" like mini-map as you play, to get
that nice breadth of view.

Tactically the most commonly used formations are 4-4-2, 4-3-3 and 5-3-2.
It's easy to find a team with players to fill your tactical dispositions,
as "Goal!" features English, Italian, French, German and many other
leagues. Also national teams are included. Of course the teams are not up
to date, but you get the chance to play with great players like Laudrup,
Cantona and Van Basten among others. All players having unique stats, of

The pitches range from normal to muddy, and it's possible to add wind too.
The pitches demand different game play and tactics, which is an exciting

The beginner can choose to play against easy teams (there's three
different preferences) and one of five different speed levels, ranging
from Amateur to Ace. The single player can play tournaments, practice
penalty shots, practice or play in arcade mode. The possibilities are many -
which in general is one of "Goal!'s" great strengths.

"Goal!'s" lastability is high. Even today lots of people enjoy participating
in tournaments or a one-match challenge. Why, you ask? Well, the answer is
simple! "Goal!" is simply the best two-player game ever.

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