Ghouls 'n' Ghosts

Title		Ghouls 'n' Ghosts
Game Type	General Action
Publisher	US Gold
Players		1
Compatability	OCS or All with Patch (Aminet)
HD Installable	Yes with Patch
Submission 	Gareth Knights

	No game ever made me want to buy a computer more than this. I
remember sat in a friends bedroom just after Christmas with a new cream
coloured box on his desk, that used disks instead of tapes (wow). Anyway
he proceeded to load this game, and that was it, I had to have one myself.
But I digress, this game was excellent. From the minute the title music
started playing you knew that the conversion of this game was something
special. Usually you find that the home computer conversion of a game is
inferior to the arcade, but this game was actually better to play on the
Amiga due to just the atmosphere created by the graphics and music.

	The game cast you as a knight called Arthur who had to rescue a
princess and destroy a demon in the process. Simple idea but lots of fun.
You progressed through five sideways-scrolling levels of increasing
difficulty, and believe me this game was hard. You needed very quick
reactions and it took hours of playing to master. The enemies were great
as well. On the first level you had zombies crawling out of the ground to
attack you and strange pigs with spears! There was also treasure chests
scattered about the levels that gave you power ups or released a magician
who turned you into a duck. The power ups would give you special armour so
that when you held down the fire button a super weapon would be released,
such as a mirror of yourself or a wave of fireballs. The traditional end
of level baddies were impressive as well, but again they were extremely
difficult to defeat and you needed pixel perfect accuracy to destroy these
monstrosities. This game was very unforgiving, you could only take two
hits before losing a life and you had only three of them. Now to the
music, this game probably had the best set of tunes that I have ever heard
coming from my television speakers. Tim Follin (for it is he who wrote the
music for this game) paced the music brilliantly and the medieval theme
running through the tunes gives the perfect atmosphere to an already
amazing game. The graphics were very good the small sprites allowing the
game to flow along at a very nice speed, and make the end of level bosses
look amazing as they are usually 5 time sthe size of Arthur. They`re
certainly not the best graphics on an Amiga but are authentic to the

	In conclusion, go out and get your hands on this game in any form
or fashion you can. You have got to hear the music on this game and
experience it at least once. I still have the tunes running around in my
head and that's after I first played it nearly 8 years ago. The game
originally got rave reviews on its release but if I had one criticism it
is that the game is so damn hard, and can be quite frustrating when you`ve
worked your way through quite a lot of a level only to die and find
yourself at the start (there were mid level starts as well). The only other
complaint is that it was too short, only 5 levels, but these are only
minor gripes. I love this game and would do anything to get a copy of it
again and actually play it on my old A500. Go on try it, you know you want

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