Title           Gloom
Game Type       3D Action
Players         1-2
Compatability   AGA

Gloom was the first Amiga Doom-clone to arrive, and what an unashamed
Doom clone it is... from the name, right down to the zombie soldiers
and hell demons you meet in the game! And because Gloom was the
first of its kind, it was lapped up by the Amiga community. Certainly
the game is extremely playable and entertaining, both in 1 player mode
and 2 player deathmatch/cooperative modes (either split screen on one
Amiga, or over a serial cable or modem on two Amigas). The 1 player
game (or 2 player cooperative game) sees the player battle through a
gigantic spacecraft adrift in space, through gothic tombs and catacombs,
and finally through in hell itself! The game boasts some nice
touches, such as the way people explode into their constituent body
parts when you shoot them, and the arcade machines hidden around,
which allow you a quick go on the classic Defender! Sadly the game shows
its age, the resolution and size of the display is limited, the weapons
unimaginative, and all the action takes place on one level, no stairs
to climb or cliffs to shoot bad guys from. Of course this means that
Gloom doesn't need a super computer to run, fiddling with the detail
options means you can even play it on an unexpanded A1200. If you have
a more powerful machine, consider the updated Gloom Deluxe, which
provides far superior display options. All critcism aside, this game
is a real no-brainer... great for quick fixes of violence and gore!

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