Gear Works

Title           Gear Works
Game Type       Puzzle
Company         Hollyware Entertainment  .
Players         1
Compatibility   All (With Patch)
HD Installable  Yes (With Patch)
Submission      Charlene  ( or

As the presenters of this game allege, "the most unique puzzle game to
hit the market in years."

This game tests your spatial skills as you connect different sized gears
to transform all the Twelve Wonders of the Ancient World into time pieces,
by linking together the gears of various sizes and colors while trying to
beat the clock, so to speak.  ;-)

Its a simple but effective two dimensional display where the player's
viewpoint is directly in front of a 'wall' more or less covered with
evenly spaced mounting pegs. Your job is to place your supply of gears on
to the pegs, from the 'starting' gear (which is rotated by an engine) one
at a time, across the screen until you have linked up with a pre-placed
gear; your objective. When you have caused that gear to rotate you have
completed that screen.

Each of the Wonders of the Ancient World is made up of several stages, so
that there are many different 'levels' to challenge you. There are a
couple of little Poffins (birdlike gremlins) that try your patience as
well as using your valuable time by rusting the gears and pecking them off
their mounting pegs.  You, however, are not without your resources. You
have oil to lubricate the gears and you may also shoot the Poffins, if you
are of that mind. Also at your disposal are bombs to blow up any incorrect

Between levels there is a slot machine game to play, where you may (or
not) win extra points or more oil, bombs, etc. The music isn't
particularly annoying or necessarily award-winning, but falls gracefully
in between. All in all, I found it to be a most enjoyable game.  Also
insanely addictive!

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