Gauntlet 2

Title           Gauntlet 2
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Publisher       US Gold
Players         1 to 4 (With Parallel Port Adaptor)
Compatibility   OCS/ECS KS1.3, KS 2.04
HD Installable  No
Submission      Keith Scroggins (

 Gauntlet 2 is an Atari Games arcade classic, and its translation to the
Amiga is no less than fabulous!  Every element from the arcade game is
included, all the secrets, and the sounds are even digitized.

 For those that do not know what the game Gauntlet 2 is, here is a quick
description.  It is a never ending overhead shooter.  Your view is
directly overhead like Pac Man.  You have a choice of playing as a
Warrior, a Valkarie, an Elf, or a Wizard.  Each of these characters has
their strong and weak points in different categories such as speed,
fighting ability, power, armour, and magic.  Your object is to find the exit
to each maze you are placed in. The mazes contain elements to put a stop
to your progress like ghosts, demons, grunts, sorcerers, death, and even a
red dragon in some mazes.  You collect keys to open doors and trigger
traps to open walls to get to other parts of mazes.  You collect food to
keep your health up and stay alive.  You kill monsters and collect
treasures to get points.  There are also magic potions, which can aid in
monster killing, and special magic potions which can increase a charater's
attributes. Every few levels players are placed in a treasure room, where
they have a time limit to collect treasures and find the exit.  If the
exit isn't found, no points are given for the treasures collected.  There
are also secret rooms which players can get into.  There are also some
other little goodies, but you'll need to play the game to find out about

 Now, some wonder why this arcade translation is so good.  The reason the
arcade translation is almost perfect is because the arcade hardware is
based on a 68010 chip, and uses digital sound (easily reproduced) and 4096
color pallette.

 Overall, I would say this game is a must have.  It has the same unending
challenge like some of the other classics such as Centipede and Pac Man,
and yet it is simple to learn, and 4 players can get into the action.
Plans for building the 4 player adaptor for this game are on the web, and
they can be purchased from many Amiga dealers for about $13 US.

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