Gunship 2000 (CD32)

Title		Gunship 2000 (CD32)
Game Type	Flight Sim
Players		1
Compatibility	CD32
Company		Microprose
Submission	Courtesy of Sean Caszatt

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but these straight ports from
the Amiga versions of games to the CD남 really have got to stop.  Here,
with GUNSHIP 2000, we have an excellent Amiga game ported to the CD남 with
some nice packaging and a fancy 3D rendered intro.  This has been pretty
much the extent of software development for the CD남.

Yes, GUNSHIP 2000 is a good, solid playable game.  The CD남 is up to its
ears in platform games, and a flight simulator with a lot of shooting and
destruction is more than overdue.  Is this all that the CD남쟧s capable
of?  No.  Until TFX arrives, this looks like all we're gonna get though.

For those unfamiliar with the game, GUNSHIP 2000 allows you to strap into
one of several helicopters to carry out missions against an unnamed enemy.
You can choose missions in the Persian Gulf or in Europe.  As you move up
in ranks by completing missions, you are able to fly stronger and more
agile helicopters.

GUNSHIP 2000 was fairly speedy on an unaccelerated Amiga 500.  On the
CD남, it moves a long at a good, comfortable pace.  It never seems too
slow.  The graphics, the intro animation not included, are nothing
fantastic and don't seem to use the AGA chipset at all.  They serve their
purpose and everything's laid out well on the cockpit screen.

I was really expecting more from the CD남 version of the game, but I guess
that's going to have to stop.  The companies making CD남 games just don't
seem to want to put anything else into the games after they make the intro
animations.  It's a real let down to see these brilliant animations and
then be offered the same game I played on my Amiga 500 last summer.  I
want more than that.

I can't count anything against the actual game.  It's good.  The controls
are slightly confusing, but never awkward.  The graphics aren't pretty but
they're acceptable.  GUNSHIP 2000 is a game that fills a niche in the CD남
line-up, but will be overshadowed if something more glamorous and fun arrives.

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