Gunship 2000

Title		Gunship 2000
Game Type	Flight Sim
Players		1
Compatibility	All (Enhanced AGA version available)
Company		Microprose


 You want it?!         You got it!

 This Excellent offer by MicroProse has it all!
If you're looking for a  helicopter flight sim for your Amiga then this is
the one to buy.

Fly the Apache, Longbow, Kiowa Warrior, Blackhawk, Cobra, Comanche or the
You can take control of 5 different choppers on one strike mission. ... If
you're good enough...
Switching back and forth between them easily with a push of a key.
Command each craft's movements, if you wish, or just do the best to fly your
own craft.

 You have a choice of 6 battlefields, 3 in the Persian Gulf  and 3 in Central
Some easy, some almost impossible.
But you can do it!
You MUST do it!
And you will do it..

 The grfx in this game are very good, even on a half meg A500.
Connect your Migi to a HiFi and the sound comes alive.
The GUI is smooth and trouble free. Truly a pleasure to play.

 This strategic flight sim is as good as they get.
And if you're lucky enough to have a few special bits of hardware from
Interactive Digital Devices, such as their Amiga Smart Port and PC Pedals,
you can use two digital joysticks and ruder pedals that highly add to the
realism of the flight modeling in this sim.

Bottom line:
                     Gunship 2000 is a winner!

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