Global Gladiators

Title		Global Gladiators
Game Type	Platform
Publisher	Virgin
Players		1 or 2
Compatibility	All
HD Installable	No
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This multi-directional scrolling platformer is one of the very best
that the Amiga has to offer.

   You can control one of two boy characters, who, armed with goo guns,
must blast away all the enemies while collecting the letter M. You can run
and jump from platform to platform collecting the letters and once you've
found the specified number of them you can then make your way to the exit
if you can find it. A nice variety of enemies will try to stop you by
shooting their own goo at you. You can also get killed by falling into the
water or open pits. Many platforms dissappear after walking on them so you
must not stand in one spot too long. You are armed with a goo gun and
there are no other weapons or power ups to collect. You might think this
is a bad thing but I felt that it really didn't matter whether you can
power your weapon up or not. Some enemies have to be blasted a number of
times to be killed but you can try to avoid them if you want. You will
have to collect the letters however, because the exit won't open unless
you have the required amount.

   The graphics are excellent and the sound is good. The game plays well
and collision detection seems right on. There is some pinpoint jumping
required to be able to get to some of the levels and there is sometimes
that leap of faith feature that sometimes affect these types of games. You
can view lower platforms by crouching down but sometimes you will have to
take the leap of faith. This minor bad point aside the game still plays
very well. Each level varies nicely with excellent graphics on each one
and each one has you collecting more letters then the previous one. There
is also a bonus game at the end of every level that has you playing a "put
the trash in the right garbage can" game. This is fun for a while but
really doesn't add to the game.

   In conclusion, This is another great platform game that I really enjoy
playing. It has excellent graphics and great gameplay. All the levels vary
nicely and the level designs are very good. I have heard that the Amiga
version is cut down in some ways from console versions but I have never
seen the console versions so I can't comment. I can only say that they
must have been pretty damn good versions. The Amiga version is fine and
anyone who likes platform games will love this game. I feel it's definitly
one of the best platformers on the Amiga. Do yourself a favor and add this
great game to your software collection.

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