Title		Furball
Game Type       Platform
Company         ?
Players         1
HD Installable  ?
Compatibility   All
Submission      Ian Urie

    This review appears here by courtesy of The Crypt magazine

I was asked to play a little game downloaded from the Net.

it was available from http://www.dithpurkinje.com/gamesfurball.html

The game is called Furball and is free. You may remember (if you've been
using an Amiga for any length of time) the small game Dithell in Space?
Same author. Now the author has moved on to remixing music and writing
music for soundtracks but has made his games available for download.
People who do remember Dithell won't be surprised by Furball. It's another
platformer and the Amiga did do this format rather well.

So, on to the game and how to get it running. The game can be run on both
Windoze and Amiga and the author has spent some time getting it to do
this. The Amiga version is an adf file. That's Amiga Disk Format to you
and you will need any of the packages that convert these to run it on your
Amiga. The Windoze version is even easier, unzip the archive and double
click on the exe file.

The game itself plays smoothly and has lots of colourful graphics. Sprite
collision works well, and the game is a nice little time waster.

I'm afraid I wasn't that big a fan of platformers and although I played
with this one for a little while, it never held my attention. This might
just be down to me, however, and I wouldn't want to put anyone off playing
it. As I say, the game is slick, graphics are good and the gameplay is
there. There is a story to the game I'm sure, but as far as I know, you
jump about platforms and jump on the enemies.....nice! Maybe the game is
slightly easy for seasoned players of this type, since I got through the
first level no problem but I expect things hot up later on. Quake its not,
but as a little platform game, it's rather nice.

You can while away your time playing this and reminding yourself of all
those P.D. games of yesteryear that you looked forward to. The download
isn't that big either, so you won't need too long to wait to get your
hands on it. I believe the author has been extremely nice by telling us
about the game and deserves to have the game tried at least. If you like
platformers, give it a try!

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