Fright Night

Title           Fright Night
Game Type	General Action
Publisher	Microdeal
Players		1
Compatibility	OCS (AGA Patch available)
HD Installable  Yes
Submission	Chris Vella Profiled Reviewer

   This is one game that is very original and I have yet to see another
one like it.

   You are a vampire and must survive a whole day. To survive you must
drink the blood of all people who occupy the house you live in. To drink
their blood you just attack them by jumping at them. They will defend
themselves however, they will throw crosses and other items at you, and
if you're hit by any of them, you will lose energy. Lose all your energy
and you die. Game over! There are other creatures that attack you
throughout the house. Ghosts, rats, and body parts all deplete your
energy. Beware of the naked woman ghost, she flies around pretty fast and
if your like me and try to get a good look at her, she will attack you
relentlessly and you won't be alive long enough to get your cheap thrill.

   The house consists of several floors and you must go up and down stairs
to get to all the parts. The occupants of the house are both male and
female humans and some throw more items at you than others. You can avoid
the objects by ducking or jumping over them. After you kill all the people
in the house, you must return to your coffin in the basement. The next day
will now begin and you will have even more people in the house to kill.

   The graphics are very nice and the sprites are huge. The sound is
especially good. Sometimes when you drink a person's blood you will let out
a nice burp! Pretty funny stuff. There are also various screams beaconing
throughout the house.

   In conclusion, This game might not be for everyone's taste (pardon the
pun) but I like it and think its pretty humorous. The game does play well
even though it won't last you all that long, but it's fun while you are
playing. You should buy the game just for the novelty of it and since
there are no other games like it on the Amiga. Finally a game where you
get to be the bad guy. Lights out, and why do I suddenly have a craving
for a Bloody Mary?

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