Fury of The Furries

Title		Fury of The Furries
Developer	Kalisto/Mindscape
Game Type	Platform
HD Installable	Yes
Players		1
Compatibility	All Amigas
Submission	Michael Carrillo

Fury of the Furries is a wonderful platform game. The game
character itself is based on cute, (if somewhat mischevious)
short, round creatures called Tinies - the object of the game is to
overthrow the 'The wicked one' who has captured the  king and has
turned all the other tinies into mindless beasts.

You set off with your tiny accross eight different scenes ranging from
desert, water and  forest etc, before you eventually reach the castle.
Along the way you will encounter enemies and lethal traps (such as
acid pools, traps and spikes).

However the best part is that your tiny has special powers which can
transform him from normal/swimmer (blue tiny) and through to
strong/rock eater (red Tiny) to fireball spitter (yellow tiny) and
finally to the rope swinger/puller (green tiny).

This game isn't designed to be a fast platformer there are traps,
teleports and puzzles to be negotiated before you reach the exit, of
which some require a bit of latteral thinking. If that is not enough
to tempt then there are bonuses, extra time and extra lives to collect
include the time limit set on each level and you have the making of a
smashing game.

The other points which set this game out are the gorgeous graphics and
cool sound and music that will have you humming for hours after.

Plus if you leave your tiny alone for a while they will do some silly
things like put on sunglasses, pull funny faces, etc.

This is probably one of the top platformers that ever graced the amiga
the gameplay is excellent without getting too repetitive and has that
'just one more go' factor.

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