Flight Of The Amazon Queen (Second Review)

Title           Flight Of The Amazon Queen (Second Review)
Game Type       Adventure
Company         Warner
Players         1
Compatibility   All
Discs           11
HD-Install      Yes
Submission      Isaac Abraham

FOTAQ is a point and click adventure in the Monkey Island style, and even
though it was made quite a bit after that game, it lacks both the puzzles
and sense of humour that made Monkey the smash that it was. However, that`s
not to say that FOTAQ is bad, because it isn`t. In fact, it`s quite a decent
adventure game, but for a few niggly bits.
The game takes part mostly in the Amazon jungle, telling an elaborate story
of a pilot for hire who crashes in the jungle and must find a way out.
However, at the same time, dastardly deeds are afoot. Some crackpot
scientist is out to take over the world with his legion of raving
dino-women, and of course it is only you who can stop him.
The puzzles are mostly of a fairly simple order, not rising to the same
level experienced in BASS or Monkey. In fact, after a few days solid gaming,
I was about 75% finished, and only twice became completly and utterly stuck.
That`s one of the niggly points - 95% of the puzzles are quite simple, 4% of
them are genuinely challenging, and 1% of them are stupidly obscure and
Character dialogue is quite amusing, always with a varied number of things
to say to the characters in the game. And as there is no way to go "wrong",
or die in this game, you feel free to explore the game and do everything
you can. There are also a number of cut scenes that go some way in aiding
the atmosphere of the game.
I wouldn`t say that FOTAQ is a magnificent game, but it`s not bad at all,
and certainly worth a go if you enjoy adventure games - I got it for 10 quid
at WOA, and even though I had it completed with 10 days, I certainly enjoyed
it very much.

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