Flight Of The Amazon Queen

Title           Flight Of The Amazon Queen
Game Type       Adventure
Company         Warner
Players         1
Compatibility   All
Discs           11
HD-Install      By hand, no problems..
Submission      top_cat@post8.tele.dk (Jens Vang Petersen)

This is a graphic adventure related to the 3 legends of the genre. Not to
say they are done by the same team or persons, but the style is not far from
Monkey Island and Indy IV..
You're a young pilot who transports anything that pays. You have
a quite hard competitor named Anderson, and when he tries to steel a very
good transport from you (A famous actress) you decide to take some revenge..
Anyway after escaping from the hotel where Anderson locked you up, you
spoil his attempt to fly the actress, Mrs. Russel, and go out yourself.
However you don't get far before flying into a storm, and finaly you crash
in the middle of the Amazon jungle. Now the first priority is to get the
moviestar to a safe place, but that gets spoiled when you discover that a
mad scientist is using native women for horrible experiments. When you meet
with the leader of these natives (a very attractive woman) she talks you
into helping them, and off you go..
Perhaps it's a bit unfair to compare this game with classics like Indy IV
and Monkey Island, but those are the alternatives to this. Flight Of The
Amazon Queen doesn't beat them, it's less funny and less exciting to play.
Also the quality of the problems is not as high, but when you've done the
other adventures and are looking for a new challange, then this is clearly
worthy to spend time on. And from the 11 discs it takes, you can sure tell
that it has a quite attractive size, well at least for HD-owners...

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