Flight of the Intruder

Title		Flight of the Intruder
Game Type	Flight Sim
Players		1-2
Compatibility	All
Company		Psygnosis
Submission	ford@syix.com


               This flight sim has so much to offer.
        It should be in every Flight Sim junkie's collection!

   Note: If you're not into flight sims then this is not your game.

 Flight of the Intruder, by Spectrum HoloByte, holds a very special place
in my flight sim collection.

Here are -only- four reasons why:

1) It is the first flight sim I ever bought for my A500.

2) It brought flight sims to life for me and turned me into the
   flight sim junkie I am today.

3) It taught me what "one-on-one, head-to-head" air combat is all about.

4) It taught me how to fly my computer.

 This Excellent game will take you back to the year 1972, Vietnam.
You must {or should} follow all the rules of engagement, which states,
"Do not fire unless fired upon!", and by that time it's almost
to late. You could be dead! ... Unless you're a hot shot, that is.

 Fly an A-6 Intruder and do your best to hit your target with the wide
selection of weapons that you can chose from, or just take the arms
that are suggested for you and hope for the best.

 With a fighter escort of F-4 Phantoms covering your backside you -just-
might get home alive.

 Dodge the SAMs and AAA. Stay on target. OH GEEZZZZ!! Migs at 4 o'clock!

MAN! What a game!!!

 Still alive??!?
Well.. Now you get to land your A-6 on a bobbing aircraft carrier with the
help of your flight instruments and your skill. .. And.!. You may still be
followed by Migs, ..  perhaps a little shot-up from your mission,, and you
are definitely at nerves end.!.

 Whooohh!! A safe landing! (thank the AI for auto pilot)
NOW! Let's try that again. But this time we'll fly an F-4, "The Flying Brick".
             {and let's try NO auto pilot this time!.?.}

 If you are still reading this then you -are- a flight sims junkie.

 The flight modeling for the A-6, F-4 and Mig are excellent!

(Yes.. I said Mig. Because this game supports 2 players via serial link.)

  A down side to this game, but still kind of fun none-the-less.

  The serial link games are a bit poor. .. Nay.. Bad!
  Sad to say, but there it is. ... Bad programing, me thinks.
  It tend to become slow, choppy, and sometimes .. well.. crashes.
  More than not, a cold reboot is needed after a serial crash.

  Even a nul-modem connection is poor, at best, unless you have two well
  matched Amigas (an A500 and an A500 both at 7.5 mhz.) and even then the
  sim will crash within 30 minutes, or less.


 The grfx are great! With all the external views you could want.
 The GUI is flawless!
 The AI is fantastic, for bothe the enemy and -your- flight group.
 The intensity is consumptions.
 The "pucker factor" is very high!
  (if you wish, the auto pilot can fly the entire mission for you.)

 This game has excellent documentation, keyboard overlays, maps,
                    analog joystick support,
                        and the novel,
        "Flight of the Intruder", by Stephen Coonts.
     (all the stuff a game should have!)   :-(

 Go out now, or when you can, and find the game. Read the back of the box.
               It really is what it says it is. ..
                        And much much more.

              If you really want a Sim that will

                  -=take you to the action=-
            then this is _one_ of the ones you want!

         F L I G H T    O F    T H E    I N T R U D E R

Bottom line:
            A "must have!" for flight sim junkies!

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