Fields Of Glory

Title		Fields Of Glory
Game Type	Strategy
Players		1
Compatibility	A500+ min
Submission	Terry Everest

        Fields of Glory is a battle simulator and it  covers the major
battles of Napoleonic times. There are six historical battles in which you
can participate including Wagny, Quatre Bras and of couse Waterloo.  The
viewing angle is an oblique one which cannot be rotated but you can move
around horizontally and you can switch between 3 tactical levels.  One
lets you see the whole battlefield and units as symbols. Another allows
you to watch small areas of screen perhaps covering one particular unit to
unit skirmish. The best one of course is the medium option allowing you to
see the fighting and direct larger forces.

    You cannot change the troops which you use or their starting position
but then the emphasis is on a scenario which must be played out using your
'tactics'.  Luckily you can choose which side you are on and if you're
like me you'll spend three times as long playing as the English rather than
the evil French (no offence French readers).

            Well it seems that I have yet to mention anything about the
quality of the game which is a little odd and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to
dissapoint you.  I bought this game hoping for an absorbing tactical game
where i could use my skill and tactics to win famous epic battles of old.
What I got was something crucially different.

            The graphics are poor in truth and even the closest views show
raggedy sprites and low framerate movement.  On a good Amiga this may be a
bit better but the battlefield scenery is hardly beatiful or relevant.
This is what ruins the game essentially, it makes no difference whether
you are defending a hill or uphill of your enemy because there is no link
between relief and performance (there should be!!).  It makes no
difference if you charge your enemies or not. It doesnt matter what
troops you use where or how you arrange your forces. In short every
possible element of tactics and skill simply does not exist which totally
ruins the game and makes it a bit of a waste of time .

    You might like it for a few hours, studying the battle database and
then commanding Wellington's armies against a large enemy. When you win the
satisfaction of a mission complete is there and the course of history can
be changed. The presentation of the non-game parts is quite good, with
tasty sounds and music and that fascinating manual and maps of each
battlefield.  The shame is that you will become very bored because its
entertainment is short lived and you end up just charging all your men
into the enemy and basically seeing what happens. This by the way is the
only way of playing the game , there is no entrenchment, no cover or
regrouping, there is no tactical retreat or pincer movement. Just charge
'em all in hope they win and sooner rather than later because thats the
only tactic you need.

    This is a very boring and dissapointing game which you will tire of
quickly and I  strongly advise you not to get it.  Your alternatives on
the Amiga are very limited and if you know of a good battle sim then get
that because this is not it. I will award it 40%.

 "Microprose deserve to meet their Waterloo for this unusually dire effort"

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