Flood (Second Review)

Title		Flood (Second Review)
Game Type	Platform
Company		Bullfrog and Electronic Arts
Players 	1
HD Installable	Yes (With Patch)
Compatibility	All (With Patch)
Submission	Adrian Simpson Profiled Reviewer

While Bullfrog's first game may have been a shoot-'em-up called Fusion,
the rest of their output on the Amiga was quite the opposite. Populous,
Populous 2, Powermonger, Theme Park and Syndicate need no introduction to
any Amiga games player. However, there is another Bullfrog game that is
quite different from these titles and that is a platformer called Flood.

While it is a platformer, it is not like most other games of the genre.
You control some sort of an amphibious creature that has to collect items
from each level and make it to the exit in one piece. The character can
cling to walls and ceilings, which allows differing paths to your goal.
Various enemies patrol the levels and must be killed using the weapons
available, which are slightly odd for a platformer. You can lob grenades,
drop timed explosives, throw a boomerang and fire a large flamethrower. In
addition to the normal enemies that can be killed, there is an
indestructible ghost which starts to follow your exact movements, a short
time after you have begun the level. As long as you keep moving, it will
not catch up with you, but you can sometimes cross its path if you double
back on yourself.

While most of the game is pretty unique, it does borrow the slowly rising
waters idea from Rainbow Islands. The main character, Flood, can swim in
the rising floods, but he can also drown. Along with the ever present
ghost, this adds a sense of urgency to the levels.

The game is set in sewers and this is reflected by the fact that the
graphics are pretty murky and brown. While this is a change from the usual
bright colours of platform games, a little more variety in the levels
would have helped. The sound is good, with the chink of bouncing grenades
on metal and large explosions.

Flood is a strange game and while it does contain some elements that
characterise the cute platform genre, other parts of it set it apart from
the rest. Whether this is good or bad is debatable, but Flood is
definitely a flawed, but enjoyable game. It also has a great end sequence,
following about 100 levels of watery action, which isn't to be missed.

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