Title           Flashback
Publisher       Delphine (1992)
                ['Classic Collection - Delphine', Delphine/Kixx (1994)]
Game Type       Action Adventure
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   All Amigas
Submission      Dennis Smith Profiled Reviewer

Delphine took all the best bits from Another World and made them even
better. In 1992 Flashback was released to a public eager for AW's sequel,
and though it wasn't technically such, it played like one.  The graphics
were better, the main character had even more and better animation
(probably the best animated character in Amiga game history, only recently
replicated in OnEscapee), there's more freedom in the level design and so
it feels like there's more freedom in the plot (linear though it still is)
and your character comes, mercifully, with a rechargable shield
effectively giving a replenishable four lives instead of the predecessor's
oh-so-frustrating one.

The plot of the game involves your character escaping, amnesiac, from
incarceration, being shot down over a jungle and having to progress from
there first to the City below, to recover his memories, discover an alien
plot against humanity and make the money to travel to Earth and warn
authorities... Yes, it sounds a touch cheesy but it all meshes together
well, providing a fair variety of environments to run, jump, duck, roll and
shoot baddies in. With cinematic cut-sequences interlaced in the game-play
to add atmosphere and plenty of save-points as well as that blissfully
useful (and also very necessary) shield, Delphine could do no wrong.
Flashback is still one of the very best platform adventures, if not the

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