Title           Fascination
Developer       Cocktail Vision
Game Type       Adventure
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes (By hand)
Compatibility   All (probably)
Submission      top_cat@post8.tele.dk (Jens Vang Petersen)

Ok, another graphic adventure, released in the times when the top-notch of
adventures was Monkey Island. But this one has a very special thing, it's
not the size, not the problems, not the graphics, those are all quite
regulary, no you control a WOMAN. Wow, and the game is actualy quite a bit
erotic, e.g. you can send her in a shower, and you get to watch, wow, the
only thing I wonder is who did the modeling for that ??..
Right, the game is, besides something sexy, a rather ordinary story about
a business man who has invented a chemical drug that increases the sex-
drive, unfortunaly he's assasinated, and you get hold of the sample of the
new drug. You try to deliver the sample to the right person, only to run
into another dead body. As the game goes on you try to find your way
through dead-bodies, enemies and friends to find the people behind the
crimes. To do so require all your female wit and charm.. and other more..
alternative advantages..
The game is very well put together, and the idea of being a woman is not
so usual for adventure games, also the set in the present makes it differ
from the rest. Most of the erotic parts seems a bit like cheap add-ons,
but they gave some free adverts at the time.. The basic problem is that
you can't do much that's not related to the story, and there's no going
back, so if you forget to snap a paper in the hotel, you have to start
all over to get it with you, rather than taking a taxi back to the hotel
to get it.. Some of the problems is not very logic, and it can takes hours
to find the answers.. Apart from this it's a quite good challange, even
if it's not so big there's still room for a couple of days in there...

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