Foundations Waste

Title           Foundations Waste
Genre           Shoot-em-up
Company         Exocet Software
Players         1
HD Installable  No
Compatibillity  Not AGA
Submission      Joachim Froholt Profiled Reviewer

Together with BMX Simulator from Codemasters, this was the first Amiga
game I bought. It is a vertically scrolling shoot-em-up. The history of
our favourite computer is littered with these games, most of which are
very average, just like this game.

In Foundations Waste, you fly a heavily armed spaceship. Some gits
have decided to take over the world and you're the only one left to stop
them. That's it, really. Everyone knows how this kind of game works, so I
won't bother writing about that. The only thing not seen in all the other
shoot'em'ups of this type is the nasty "bonus" which will reverse the
controls of your ship.

Everything is average with this game. The graphics are average, the sound
effects are average and the playability is average. There's nothing
really wrong with the game, but there's nothing really good with it
either, except perhaps the title tune, which is a typical
8-bit-space-shoot-em-up kind of tune.

So.... I reckon you shouldn't keep an eye out for this game. If you
stumble across it, there's no reason for you to buy it - unless you
desperately want to buy an Amiga game and there's nothing else to choose

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