Flying Shark

Title           Flying Shark
Publisher       Taito (1988/89)
Game Type       Shoot-em-up
Players         1-2
HD Installable  NO
Compatibility   OCS
Submission      Lempkee Of Tulou Aka Tony Aksnes

Back in the early days of Amiga and C64 times, there were a lot of
vertical shooters, some of them were really bad, but this one is the one
you should boot up and think...Why the .... havent i tried this excellent
game before? Its a simple game these days, but tough. It has far better
playability than the average 3D games these days.

This is one of those games which has to be finished (like 1942 :) ). The
graphics on the Amiga version are far better than on Atari and C64 versions
(though the C64 version is also a CLASSIC) and the music is something you
will hum for ages...

The game starts off with you flying out of a Hangar , and it has the same
idea as with 1942, if you punch out 7 red planes you will get a bonus
item; either a smart bomb or better arsenal/speed etc. When you lose a
life you will be degraded 1 step down in your arsenal's status. Loads of
variety in airplanes and tanks on the ground  the usual quality on
landscapes and infact there are noticeable differences when progressing
further and further in the game... (so you will always recognize where you
left off earlier)

The disk loading is tedious on a 512k Amiga , but when upgrading to one
meg the loader is  noticeably better/faster..

There is even a Highscore saver on the European Version!!!!

There is one problem with this game that is still annoying me, this is not
an easy thing to fix for normal users! , the game doesn't want to run on 2
meg chip machines, or even on 500+/600 machines, it needs a 68000 and it
needs 512k fast mem; pretty annoying!!

These days i have an  A1260 , and  I can't even insert the disk before the
machine reboots!!

I have asked around for a WHDLoad/JST type installer, but without luck..

If this game would work on my A1200 by just pressing "2" on my keyboard
to disable the 060, then I would be playing this game over and over again
as its so excellent!, but that wont work.

If you have an A500 with 1 meg mem (512k Chip + 512k fast) then you must
try this game, as it will not bore you to death!

score : 92%  (A500 1 meg)

             60% ( on all other machines , as it wont work :) )

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