Full metal Planete (Second Review)

Title		Full metal Planete (Second Review)
Game Type	Strategy
Players		1-4
Compatibility	All
Submission	Sam Manwaring

Full Metal Plannete is a hex based strategy game, where players take
turns, but also have to play within a limited time period. The game
involves collecting metal on a deserted planet.

At the beginning of the game you choose how many players are playing and
if they are computer controlled or human. You must also carefully choose
where your mothership lands because it will stay there until the end of
the game. The next thing you do is deploy your various vehicles from the
mothership, including normal tanks, super tanks and transport ships known
as barges. In normal play you have 15 moves every turn, but if you save 5,
10, or 15 you can carry them over to your next turn. Normal tanks have a
greater range when you position them on mountains, but if you leave two
tanks on adjacent mountains there is a penalty rule where you lose 5
moves. In this case the tanks will also fail to put up a defensive zone,
leaving them vulnerable to attack or capture. This may seem complicated,
but it's good because it means the game has plent of depth and scope for
cleverness. And still there's more! Much of the map is covered in water,
and there are tides to take into account, which make the map potentially
different every turn. It's not about luck though, because you can predict
tides with your Weather hen vehicle, it also is the only unit able to
create other units.

If I could improve the game I think it would be better with more units and
a selection of different maps to play. Generally though, I think it is a
really good game.

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