Title           FIFA
Game Type       Sport
Players         1 or 2
Compatibility   all Amigas
Submission      Isaac Abraham 

Ah, the classic FIFA. So many people bought those damned MegaDrives and
SNESes just to play this (and StreetFighter 2, I suppose). But, of course,
anything they can do, we can do better on our Amiga. Well, in terms of
football games, this is true - we have SWOS. Unfortunately, FIFA is not so
hot. It looks great, playing from that unusual isometric perspective. The
sprites are reasonably large, although the animation is a little shakey. But
there are two main problems that plague this game. Firstly, the speed of the
game is too slow by far, and jerks about. It doesn`t seem to take advantage
of 030+ processors, I guess it`s the AGA chipset that slows it down. And the
second problem, sort of going hand in hand with the first, is the downright
poor control system. It is not worth playing with a one button joystick, and
does not support the CD32`s extra buttons - only two buttons work, one for
pass, one for shoot. Even then, the computer will help you out most of the
time, all you need to do if aim vaguely for goal and your player will
miraculously score a real screamer of a goal. Initally this may seem great,
but ultimately leaves you with a sour aftertaste, because you know it`s
never really you that scored it.
Sound is poor - shoddy music kicks off the show, and with the all too common
"white sea" crowd effect, it never really ups the atmosphere.
Other annoying points include the way that after every match you play the
team sheet and tactics revert to their original defaults ALWAYS, thus
aggravating you even more. Plus, the game is too easy in one player
mode, and the games never really seem exciting, like real football, but more
like a game of chess....
Briefly, then. FIFA looks good in screenshots. Watching it play is not so
good, and playing it is even worse. Not a total tragedy, but not a patch on
other versions, and certainly no match for, you guessed it, SWOS.

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