Fighter Duel Pro 2

Title           Fighter Duel Pro 2
Game Type       Flight Sim
Players         2
Compatibility   All
Company         Jaeger Software
Submission      Jim Ford

         On the edge of your seat!
         Head to Head or Computer AI!

         Analog joystick and foot pedal support.
         30 frames per second.
         Full time rear view via special cable and second computer.
         60 second replay of action.
         Add-on full flight recorder.
         All around views.
         Modem or nulmodem H2H.
         And so much more.

  As far as Combat Flight Sims go for the Amiga,
Fighter Duel Pro 2 is one of the best!

 The 3D stereo sound is a nice touch. Listen to the bullets whiz past you
from left to right, near or far. The audio clues will help you find your
target. Hint: Use your headphones when ever possible! 9-)

 The well written code runs just as fast on a A500 with a 68020 as it does
on a beefed-up A4000 with all the bells and whistles.

 The high-resolution, interlaced display mode gives you the best possible
detail. Aircraft are rendered precisely, pixel-by-pixel, so that even at
great distance it's possible to tell, for example, the bank angle of the
bandit and where it's headed.

 You have 25 WWII aircraft to chose from for your air to air combat mission.
Ever wanted to fly the 1944 Japanese forward swept wing j7W in a dogfight
against the German ME163-b rocket plane?

 Fly out to your mission site and battle up to 4 bad guys at a time.
Bring along a wingman if you like. Or fly an aircraft that has a rear
gunner to cover your backside and bring a wingman along also.

 All that and much more is in this excellent flight sim.

 Watch your fuel and amo. If you run out or are getting low on either you
may want to return to your home base to refuel and rearm.

 The bad guys reappear as soon as they get killed, so there is really no way
to clear the skies of them. But who want's to. You want to fly and fight.
Watch your score of kills climb higher and higher.

 If you are flying against another human pilot via modem link and you run
out of amo all you can do is try to out fly him/her and hope they crash.
If you run out of fuel try to land next to a ground obstacle and wait for
them to make their last mistake.

 Take off and land from either a carrier or landing strip.
The ground grfx aren't the best I have ever seen, but that isn't what this
sim is all about.

 It's about dog fighting.
And that's where this sim comes to life!

 What more can I say..?..

                          H E A D
                          H E A D
                  That's what I can say!

 This flight sim really takes off when you go head to head with a friend!

 The serial link offered in this sim is excellent!
Only a 9600 baud connection, but even at that the action is fantastic!

 If you can find Fighter Duel Pro 2, buy it!
You will thank yourself for doing so.

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