F/A-18 Interceptor (Second Review)

Title           F/A-18 Interceptor (Second Review)
Game Type	Flight Sim
Players		1
Compatibility	Any Amiga
HD Installable  Yes (With Patch)
Company		Electronic Arts (by Bob Dinnerman)
Submission      Andreas Ulovec (a9004468@unet.univie.ac.at)

When I first played F/A-18 Interceptor, I thought "well, just another
flight sim, but let's try it anyway". And, believe me, it was worth
trying. Fast graphics, a convincing 3D-effect, and interesting missions
give it its due place among the best flight-sims on the Amiga.

You (preferably) start with "free flight - no enemy confrontation". Sounds
easy, doesn't it? Well, starting is easy, keeping the plane in the air is
easy, landing is - errhm, not so easy. But after trying for a while (and
some inevitable crashes) and struggling with the controls ("Now, which
button is for the breaks??" *crash* - to late ...) you will be convinced
by the possibilities and precise control of the plane. You control the
plane by means of the joystick and the keyboard, and it gives you the
impression (particularly if the sound is on) that you are really sitting
in an F-18.

Now, if you managed the free flight, and practiced the maneuvers, you are
ready for the qualification - land on the carrier (without being shot down
by the enemy). You are fast, the carrier is small, well - you get the
picture! After successfully finishing that, you are qualified for the real
missions. Your first one: Visually confirming whether an approaching
aircraft is friend or foe. This does not necessarily involve any
shooting, so it's a good warm-up (doesn't mean you cannot crash or be
shot down!). Well, after that, you have a rather important mission -
saving the president from approaching MIG's! Now, that's the first real
challenge, because now more than one enemy is attacking, and they don't
ask, but they do shoot! So you should behave accordingly and at the same
time pay attention that nobody (including you) more or less accidentialy
shoots down Air Force One. Third mission is kind of a layback, although
intercepting two stolen F-16's (plus some "guard" planes) could force you
to refuel and rearm at the carrier. There is one thing you must not allow
to happen here: Never let the F-16's go! Your next operation will not
involve so much enemy planes, but you are to rescue a downed pilot by
deploying your rescue pod. Ever tried to throw a piece of junk into a
passing trashcan at 100 mph? That's it! Well, after saving the president,
a comrade and some aircrafts, in the next mission you have to save the
whole city! A cruise missile is coming in - and it's time for you to test
your afterburner at a mere 200 feet above ground level. This one requires
really good control of the F-18. If you got that, destroying an enemy
carrier should not be that hard - you believe that? Just imagine 5 or so
enemy aircrafts attacking at once, and you get the picture of mission 6.
Refueling and rearming, flying back and forth, avoiding radar - everything
is there! - So, my conclusion is: One of the best flight sim's I'm aware
of. Only you need to spend some time on practicing, so it's not a game for
"start and shoot down" players. .....But it's worth it.

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