Extreme Violence 6.9

Title		Extreme Violence 6.9
Game Type	Shoot-em-up
Publisher	Si Green 1991/92 (PD)
Players		2 only
Submission	Nadia O.

Extreme Violence is a cute little PD game coded in AMOS. Your only
objective is to be the first player to score ten points, either by killing
your opponent (one point) or by picking up one or more of the "Bonus
Point" items randomly scattered throughout some levels. The game is an
overhead-view game, with the map covering more than one screen (and
scrolling quite nicely). It's a split-screen arrangement, one screen per
player (divided left-and-right).

The playfield is a randomly generated maze of sorts, with the number of
walls (or buildings?) increasing as the game progresses. Kill your
opponent (or be killed by your opponent) and you'll move to the next
level, where the playfield is redrawn, players and bonus items are placed
randomly on the map.

There is a small problem with this. In the later levels, as the number of
walls increases, it's possible for a player to be "walled in", that is,
surrounded by walls with no way to move out. Luckily the author,
thoughtful soul that he is, has given us a solution. The map will be
regenerated when the HELP key is pressed.

The gameplay itself is simple: Seek and destroy your opponent. Both
players start out equal, with only a standard issue rifle. However, to
aid you (and your opponent) in your mission, there are several Bonus Items
available. Two randomly determined bonus items appear in each level and,
if you're not careful, your dog of an opponent may very well swipe both
from under your nose!

The bonus items are:

Speedy Boots:	Doubles your movement speed
Bonus Point:	Adds one point to your score
Funny Map:	Briefly pauses the game, pans across the playfield to show
		you (and opponent) where everthing is, resumes.
Radar Jam: 	Player's "signature" is not shown in the Radar Window at
		the bottom of the screen
Speedy Bullets:	Doubles the speed of your current weapon.
Power Laser: 	Wide-arc laser gun.
Magic Bullets:	SHOOT THROUGH WALLS!!!!
Bouncy Bullets:	Bullets bounce off the walls.

Any items you collect will carry over to the next level (if you manage to
defeat your opponent, that is). If you're shot by your opponent, you lose
ALL your bonus items (except for the Bonus Point item) and start the next
level with your standard-issue rifle again (and your opponent keeps his
bonus items...). This can lead to no small degree of frustration (read
"fun") when your opponent has amassed a small arsenal (Speedy Boots, ECM,
Speedy Magic Bullets).

A few tips:
Collecting a Speedy Bullets item will only affect your current weapon.
Once you collect a different weapon, it will revert back to its normal
speed. So, if you find both Laser and Speedy Bullets items on a level,
collect the Laser FIRST and THEN the speedy bullets for a speedy laser.

ECM does not hide you from the Funny Map item.

You're invulnerable to your own Bouncy Bullets. Problem is, there's no
way to differentiate between your Bouncy Bullets and those of your
opponent. This can lead to some tense situations in close-quarter combat...

Be careful of the Radar Display at the bottom of the screen. It serves
both you and your opponent.

Graphically, Extreme Violence is nothing to write home about. The
characters are blocky, the levels are blocky and drab, and there's little
character animation. The sound effects are somewhat amusing, from the
ominous "Get Ready" that preceeds each level, the "lifted from a TIE
Fighter" sound of the Laser, and the "Bleah!" sound screamed as a
character is killed. What REALLY makes this game for me is its
playability (or maybe REplayability) and spirit of competition. Friends
and I have played this game for HOURS on end, stopping only for the
trivial tasks of eating, sleeping, or going to work.

I've played better looking, better sounding games on the Amiga, but never
a game that's been this much fun. In one of the biggest ironies of the
Video Game industry, Huge, expensively produced High-gloss games can be
overshadowed by a cheap little PD game that was probably written in an
afternoon. Thank you, Si Green, for making the most significant addition
to my video game collection.

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