Exodus: The Last War

Title           Exodus: The Last War
Game Type       Management Sim
Players         1
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibility   CD, AGA or Graphics Card
Submission      H. Y. Lam

Exodus turns out to be a very impressive real time strategy game for the
Amiga. What is a real time strategy game? A Real Time Strategy 'RTS' is
where two or more sides battle in a 2D/3D overhead environment. You
control a compliment of military units ranging from infantry to tanks and
rocket launchers, from naval to aircraft units in which your actions on
the battlefield are immediate.

The graphics are drawn in great detail and look stunning in high
resolution with only some minor background layout glitches. Even an 030 in
AGA mode the game plays at a reasonable speed and I did not experience any
stability problems.

The buildings and the units are nicely animated, although on an
underpowered system may look jerky if the game's speed is set to very
fast or when there is a lot of activity on the screen. As the units only
move in eight directions and rotate on the spot when turning, it is fairly
tricky to avoid enemy fire especially when you travel in a diagonal

The music is not bad despite there being only three tracks to choose from.
The sound effects are decent enough and the speech (English) is alright.
This isn't much of an issue considering the game originated in Poland.

The weapon units of both sides are similar to each other and its a pity
there are not any weapons of mass destruction. You do get to control
kamikazi explosive units, long range artillery, naval battleship and very
powerful aerial units. However there are only a couple of units that both
opposing sides do not share.

The computer A. I. is OK, but its attacks (once known) are predictable and
it is prone to mass rush attacks. It is only in the later missions that
the computer attacks gets harder to repel  - should you be unprepared.

Overall the game is pretty good, although if you're a veteran of other RTS
games you'll find that it doesn't offer anything new. The only thing is
that the PC strategy game has progressed even further. Not just the
cinematic scenes but the isometric views (even free rotating views),
a more diverse range of units (that are not identical to the opposite
sides), the on-line multi-player games and features - need I say any more.

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