Erben der Erde (aka Inherit the Earth) (Second Review)

Title		Erben der Erde (aka Inherit the Earth) (Second Review)
Game Type	Adventure
Company		New World Computing/The Dreamers Guild, 1994
Players		1
Compatibility	CD32, Amiga+CD, disk version/AGA and ECS available
Submission	Hubert Maier

Inherit the Earth (ITE) is an adventure in the style of LucasArts.

All of the characters in the game are animals which live on a planet soon
discovered as good old earth. No humans are around. The animals, though
have been given the talents of thinking, feeling emotions, speaking and
joining together. Many of them believe the humans gave it to them, but no
one knows...some believe humans don`t even exist.

Several tribes of animals live on the world. Foxes, wolves, rats, elks,
mice and many more. Each of these tribes have developed their own special
attributes, unique to them. For example, foxes are smart and somewhat
crooked, elks are friendly and helpful, while dogs like to play and
sleep. I LOVE the cats in this game...

It all starts at a fair where a tournament is held. Rif the main fox
character, is competing in the final round with a rat in a game similar to
chess but somewhat like a fantasy boardgame.

He loses.

The scene opens the story:
The Orb of Storm, a magic device which controls the weather was stolen.
Rif soon is the main suspect. To clear his reputation, Rif starts to
search for the Orb. A boar named Okk and an elk named Eeah are assigned to
help him.

At this point the player takes control. You have to guide Rif, while Okk
and Eeah follow him wherever he may go. You can ask the sidekicks to help
you in some tasks.

The point and click interface will be to players of LucasArts games and is
just as easy to use. You can interact with every character on screen.

ITE quickly became one of my favourite adventure games. The graphics,
hand-drawn and simply beautiful and the typical amiga sound (please, don`t
compare it with CD-sound) takes you away into adventure and fantasy.

A wonderful piece of software and yet hardly known...

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