Evil's Doom (Demo)

Title		Evil's Doom (Demo)
Game Type	RPG
Company 	Olympia/Titan
Players		1
Compatibility	?
Submission	Richard Byrne

           **Until this game is released, here is a demo review**

 Eeeek! By the gods, this is good looking, especially the demo `video`
which made me soooooo happy. A person could seriously be forgiven for
thinking agents of Lilb Segat had swapped their AMIGA for a Pintiummy box,
but no, this is running on a 25/68040 and (shock) AGA. Cripes! The in game
graphics are stunningly cool also, however -dammit- not nearly as fast,
and just to round off the polish, the music is much nicer than the normal
chip-tunes and other assorted crap wich ususlly assail the ears. Indeed
the presentation people ought be given a big shiny medal.

 Keeping with the thinking it`s a PeeCee game theme, behind the scenes
this RPG seems somewhat clunky and slow to respond. Since this is only a
demo, I`ll forego condemning it and instead attribute the running to the
horse power which I lack (although I seem to remember PPC being mentioned
somewhere) in the CPU & AGA departments. The settings and dialogue are
a little cliched to the degree of orks in taverns looking to revenge the
death of (etc...), and don't hit the mark quite as squarely as BloodNet

 Assuming continued work and eventual release, I imagine that this could
well turn out to be one of the finest RPGs on the AMIGA, and even though
I`m not a big fan of that genre I look forward to reviewing the finished

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