Dyna Blaster

Title           Dyna Blaster
Game Type       General Action
Players         1-5
Compatibility   Not AGA
Submission      Graham@dorrie.demon.co.uk

	Many people will recognise this game as bomberman, because this is
the Amiga conversion of that great game. The single player game wasn’t
very good, as it was quite simple and the console versions were much
better, as they had more features.
	However, where this game excels is in the multi-player game. I
remember spending many hours trying to ‘kill’ my friends in what could
become very competitive matches. To allow five players on one Amiga, the
game came with a joystick adapter, which you plugged into the parallel
port of the Amiga. This allowed you to attach another two joysticks, so
the game could be played at its best, in five player.
	When the multi-player game begins everyone starts in an arena,
separated by several ‘bricks’. Most of these bricks can be destroyed, by
dropping bombs (your weapon). After some of the bricks are destroyed,
power ups appear these either make the length of your bombs blast larger
or allow you to drop more bombs. After about 20 seconds, you will be able
to blow up the other players. This can be a lot harder than it sounds
because players can hide behind the bricks that don’t get destroyed. These
games can get very, very competitive!
	The single player game is quite different. The idea in the single
player game is to kill all the bad guys and then find the exit to the
level. This starts very easy and does not get much harder. The only hard
thing is killing the end of level bosses.
	Overall this game is not much good as a single player game but as
a multi player game there is very little better!

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