Title		Drol
Game Type	Platform
Publisher	Broderbund
Players		1
HD Installable	No
Compatibility	ECS /Dergrade for other
Submission	Chris Vella cvella@specdata.com Profiled Reviewer

   This is a classic game from the good old C64. The game is a platformer
where you have to collect certain items and get to the exit. You Fly or Walk
up and down through the levels by means of elevating platforms. On each level
different enemies will constantly attack you. You are armed with balls and
will constantly be shooting at various enemies. Once you collect all the
required objects you have to make your way to the bottom level and then to the
exit there. Sounds SIMPLE, but it is fairly difficult due to the different
shooting patterns of the enemies. After completing a level you start at a
slightly varied new level, where everything moves faster and enemies shoot
more weapons.

   In conclusion, This game will not impress you too much graphically or sound
wise, but it has the classic gameplay that we all loved from the C64. It's a
nice little game to own if you would like to relive past history, but if
you're used to flashy graphics and sound then forget it. This game is now
impossible to get an original of, maybe one day Broderbund could do us a favor
and release it into the Public Domain.

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