Dreamweb (AGA) (Second Review)

Title:		Dreamweb (AGA) (Second Review)
Game Type:	Adventure
Publisher:	Empire 1994
Developer:	Creative Reality
HD Installable:	Yes
Compatibility:	AGA only (standard version available)
Submission:	John Burns (john@jgb.abelgratis.co.uk) Profiled Reviewer

Note: This review is based on the AGA version which apart from 256 colour
screens I believe is the same as the standard version.

Before I begin to review this game lets get rid of some of the hype which
surrounded it's release.

Violence			-	YES
Nudity/Sex			-	YES
Perverting a Nations Youth	-	Of course not.

For those who remember the initial release of this game the above will no
doubt ring some bells and I beg your indulgence. For those whom it
doesn't, this game was widely advertised as the first adult orientated
computer game. Gone was the innuendo of the Leisure Suit Larry type games
and I suppose if you forget the blood and gore of the Arcade Mortal
Kombat/Street Fighter games prevalent at the time this monicker could
perhaps have been justified. As far as I am concerned this game is no
more likely to pervert anyone than watching any of the TV Soaps which get
massive audiences.

So for those who don't know I'll cover the sex part first. Yeah... I'll
admit it, it's my favourite part too. To misquote from Apocalypse Now 'My
favourite smell in the morning is cordite and coitus interruptus.'
(Cordite for those who don't know is the active and quite distinctive
smelling chemical used in bullets) (If you don't know what Coitus
Interruptus is, stop reading, now! and come back once you have found a

The scene which I have referred to and which was given so much publicity
at the time involved your character 'Ryan' assassinating a Rock star
whilst he was having sex. I still giggle as I see the groupie jump off
him and secrete herself under the bed as I take aim and blow his brains
out onto the headboard. Should this be viewed as bad?  Of course not,
after all I've just killed his two bodyguards with an axe and the gun.

Morally I would argue these are the defensible parts of the game. Since
you, as Ryan the good guy, killing the bad guys is OK. However, for
instance, killing the security man at the TV studios is maybe going over
the top a bit; they could have programmed a way to get yourself in without
having to resort to murder of an innocent person. Don't get me wrong I
did try using every item I had first, but, ultimately .45 spoke best (and

This may all make the game sound great but unfortunately it ain't.
Documentation is good, complete with the included 'Diary of a Madman'
which you will need as it contains information which you require to
progress in the game (HINT: a sort of lateral thinking copy protection).
Control wise everything works as it should with the only problem being
that it can be annoying having to search round a screen for those few
pixels which represent the item you require. Unusually for a point and
click adventure the game is presented from quite an effective overhead

So is it worth getting.... Well yes and no. Whilst it is not the worst
adventure ever it is by no means the best with a low difficulty level and
it has to be said disappointing final scene, (almost as though the
programmers had given up bothering themselves)  That said, and call me a
pervo if you want, I still think the coitus interruptus scene is the best
in any adventure ever.

To quote from the Diary:  (In case your wondering, No this isn't the info
you need from the diary to beat the copy protection).

"Mon Apr 9th
The clock keeps going round.
It won't tell me the time.
Santa Claus gave a gun to me.
Let loose the puppies of war.
I died last night....

Tue Apr 10th
Today was not a good day......."

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