Dragon's Lair

Title           Dragon's Lair
Game Type	General Action
Players		1
Compatibility	OCS
Company		Readysoft
HD Installable  No
Submission	Chris Vella cvella@specdata.com Profiled Reviewer

   You will either really like or really hate this game. I happen to really
like it, so before I get hate mail let me explain about the game and why I
like it.

   You control a character named dirk. The object of the game is to simply
move the joystick in the correct direction at the proper time to overcome an
enemy or obstacle. Do everything correctly and you will proceed to the next
scene, do it wrong and your treated to a very nicely animated death scene.
Timing and remembering the correct joystick movement, that's all the gameplay
involved in this game. I know it doesn't sound like much gameplay but I don't
think thats what the programmers set out to accomplish. The emphasis is on the
novelty of the game.

   The game is really just an interactive cartoon. It looks like a cartoon,
sounds like a cartoon, and plays like a cartoon. That's what the game set out
to do, and it does it well. The graphics and animation are superb. It looks as
good as any cartoon that you might see on television. You play the game just
so you can see what the next animation will be. That's the whole point of
playing this game. You will keep playing just to see the different animated
scenes. If you play the game with that mentality then you will like the game.
I had that mentality when playing and that's why I like the game. If you can't
see the novelty of this game then you will hate it.

   In conclusion, It's obvious that emphasis was not put on gameplay, but
thats not the purpose of the game. Having control over the outcome of an
animated cartoon, thats the point of playing this game. Watch in amazement
over the quality of the graphics, animation, and sound. I thought it was fun
to try to play out the whole cartoon, but you may not. I would like the
game a whole lot more if it was HD installable because there is a lot of disk
swapping and the animations would play more smoothly if it was installable.
   Love it or hate it, you have been warned!

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