Dogfight (PD) (Second Review)

Title           Dogfight (PD) (Second Review)
Game Type       General Action
Author          Richard Ling
Players         2
HD Installable  Yes
Compatibillity  All (1 MB)
Available       Aminet game/2play/Dogfight11.lha
Submission      Hubert Maier

The following text is taken from the manual of the game.
Read it, it`s good for a laugh!

"Welcome to France, 1916. In those days, the life expectancy of young
pilots like you was said to be about twenty minutes. In this game, twenty
seconds is a more usual lifespan!"

You and a friend are the top aces of your time - the pride of the British
and German air forces. In this game, there is no real purpose to life
other than hearing the expiring whimper of the other player.

It`s one of those games you never hear about until it`s too late. No
marketing is done, only word of mouth...Now if you read this, get it.

The game takes part in WWI. You and a friend (or foe!?) fly biplanes, starting
from different bases right and left off a river. There is a hangar at each
base and a FLAK gun for defence (until it is destroyed). You carry 2 (or
unlimited) bombs to drop on your enemy. Your biplane is fitted with a
machine gun, too. Enemys around are submarines (in a RIVER??? - must be a
fjord!) and zeppelins (both come up from time to time). They can shoot,
both of them are fitted with guns. The flag they carry shows you if they
are friend or foe. DON`T shoot any of your friends! The other player will
be rewarded with points if you do so. You can bomb the enemy hangar, well
you can bomb or shoot anything.

Steep moutains on both sides mark the end of the playground, uhm, sorry
battlefield. But there are rumours that one can fly over them as an

An options menu gives you the possibility to make the game easier.
Options for bomb amount, max. altitude, air to air collisons and automatic

It`s very easy to take off, but it`s not possible to land. (Believe me!)

Graphics are good
Sound is very good
Gameplay is best

Remember the C64 or early games on A500. They were simple, but GREAT. They
made them CULT games. This is one of those games. FUN...

Interested? Then go on, install it.

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