Diggers (CD32)

Title		Diggers (CD32)
Game Type	Puzzle
Players		1
Company		Millenium Interactive
Compatibility	CD32
Submission	Courtesy of Sean Caszatt

DIGGERS is a game I just didn't quite get.  It's a LEMMINGS clone, minus
the easy control method, the personality, and that "sit down and play
without a manual" charm.

The object is to dig into the ground and mine various objects while
avoiding other miners (seen as competitors) and various underground

I was never able to quite understand what was going on.  The control
method used to move the diggers around was clumsy and felt very awkward.
The diggers would sometimes do what I wanted and other times acted as if
they had minds of their own.  Others would accept one command and then act
as if they were deaf, never listening to another thing I asked them to do.
After several attempts to get things to work, I decided that I really
didn't care and didn't want to play the game.  To me that's not the sign
of a game worth playing.

Reading the instructions was little help.  The packaging is nice and well
put together, but didn't provide me with many clues on how to play the
game to get any fun out of it.

The graphics were OK.  The sounds were OK.  I just couldn't get much out
of the game.  I know some people really enjoy the game.  I asked one of
them if he could give me any clues so I could at least feel that I knew
what I was doing.  His clue was "Visualize the whole play area as a grid."
That didn't help me much, but I pass it along to you.  Maybe you can get
some enjoyment out of this game.  I just couldn't seem to.

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