Title           Deuteros
Game Type       Management Sim
Players         1
Compatibility   Not AGA
Submission      Angus Manwaring Profiled Reviewer

I really hoped someone else would write this review. Not because I didn`t want
to myself, it`s just that, firstly, this is one of the very best games to have
graced the Amiga and I`d have enjoyed reading somebody else`s viewpoint, and
secondly, I haven`t yet managed to complete the game, although, I think it`s
accurate to say that I`ve covered most of it.
Okay then, Deuteros, where to begin? Earth has been devastated by war, and
you`re left, with some limited manufacturing, research and training facilities.
Your only other asset is a "Derrick" that mines Earth`s resources for use in
The first thing you`ll want to do is recruit some people into your Training
Centre, so that it will produce Engineers for use in the factory, Scientists to
help you research new products and Marines to help you find resources that do
not exist on Earth.
The game includes a kind of tree root, always present in the top left corner,
that sprouts little icons, as new functions become available to you. This is
typical of the game`s organic and original graphic design which becomes
particuarly apparent when you start dealing with the spaceships. One of the
icons advances time, and after a quick click on this you`ll find you have some
adequately trained people to help you get started on your quest to jump start
civilization again.
Now I have to be careful what I say, because I don`t want to spoil the game for
you by divulging it`s surprises, but I think it`s fair to say, you will go to the
planets, you will make colonies, you will encounter supply difficulties and
shortages that force you explore further and further afield, and there will be
trouble. BIG trouble. You`ll love it.
The game has been beautifully designed in terms of it`s sounds and graphics, it`s
functionality (highly original but soon intuitive) and it`s extremely absorbing
gameplay. There`s more than a hint of the visual design from the film Ridley
Scott film,“Alien, and it works very nicely.
The game is pretty much a sequel to the splendid Millenium 2.2, but there`s
absolutely no need for you to have played that game first. Well, there you are,
I can`t say more about the game or I`d detract from your enjoyment, but trust
me this one is gold.

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