Detroit AGA

Title		Detroit AGA
Game Type	Management Sim
Publisher	Impressions
Players		1-4
HD Installable	Yes
Compatibility	A1200 or A4000
Submission      Darrin Lanchbury

If you have ever played the maritime shipping simulation "Ports of Call"
then you will be right at home with this game. In this graphically
pretty, 256 colour simulation you are placed at the helm of a Detroit
motorcar company in the late 1800's. Your task is to design, manufacture
and sell as many cars as possible in countries around the world. Pitted
against you are either 3 computer-run companies or up to 3 human players.

When the game starts you have 1 factory in the USA, 1 model of car (a real
bone-shaking classic) and some cash. With this cash you can hire workers to
build the car, open sales offices in different regions, pay for marketing
to test the demand in different areas, hire researchers to develop new and
better parts), expand existing factories, open new factories and design
and build your own models.

The initial screen gives you a view of your corporate headquarters. At
the bottom of the screen are icons for Saving a Game, Administration,
Sales & Factories, Research, Marketing and Design.

This takes you to your office from where you can access:

Personnel:  Hire and fire factory workers and researchers, and set
            their wages and benefits.

File Options:  Save, load, restart and configure (sound, music, speed)

Call the bank:  Manage checking and Savings or repay/apply for a loan.

Generate Reports:  Profit/Loss - Where are you making/losing your money?

Marketing T - How much are you spending on advertising by territory?

Profit - A monthly breakdown of your funds compared to the competition.

Territory - What's being built where, how many were sold and how many are

Marketing M - How much are you spending on advertising by media type?

Production -  A monthly breakdown of the number of vehicles you are

Demand - Canvas the demand in an area for a particular model.

Sales - A monthly breakdown of cars sold by you and your rivals.

Compare - Compare your costs with your rivals' costs.

Distribution - Who supplies what models to which sales offices?

Subsystem - Compare who has the best-developed components.

Model Compare - Compare your models cost to your rivals.

Consultant - For a fee, the computer consultant will tell you want needs

Media Review - What the media thinks of the vehicles you produce.

Sales and Factories
This takes you to a map of the world from where you can see your factories
and sales offices. You can now make changes to the assembly lines,
distribution chains and model prices in each region.

Assign your hired technicians to research new brakes, safety options,
engines, luxury features, cooling systems, body designs and suspension
details. You need to stay ahead of the competition in order to survive!!!

Marketing Concepts
From this office you can spend your money advertising your products in
different regions around the world using various methods such as sporting
events, billboards or magazines. To sell a product you must make the
public aware of it, but advertising sports cars in the Iraqi "Farmers
Weekly" might not be a great idea.

Design a Model
Got an idea for a new car or truck?  Just developed a new engine?  Time to
hit that design board and market a brand new model or simply modify an old
one. Decide what type of vehicle (van, truck, saloon, sports car, etc),
select the front, rear and middle designs, pick a colour and finally
select the component you want to fit. You can now put the design through
it's paces on the factory test-track, decide on a mark-up, allocate
production and send the models to the showrooms of your choice.. And hope
they sell!!!

This is definitely one of the better "Sim" games available and who can
resist designing and selling their own motorcars? The graphics are
colourful and well drawn and there is enough depth to the game to keep you
interested as you try and manipulate the variables to increase your profit
margin. Where this game is let down is in the navigation of some of the
features. Once you design and build a car, actually putting the model in
the showrooms and pricing it is a major pain. You have to go to each
regional office and set a price for that office and state exactly which
factory is supplying it. I would be nice to have a simple "blanket"
command that sends that model to every showroom at a fixed price. If you
spend a lot of money developing new components and update your vehicle
whenever these new parts become available then you soon start to hate the
lack of this "blanket" feature.

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